Monday, February 16, 2009

Well, Valentine's Day came and went and no time for play for my husband and I. In fact, I wasn't even here on Valentine's Day. I was enroute to the other type of spanking that is a part of my life-the not very fun kind! Even when I know I have really messed up and actually deserve to be spanked, I so dread this! In fact, I was so nervous that I almost skipped it. But, I did show up, and it wasn't so bad. It probably should have been worse, but I think my nerves were very obvious. I don't know for sure that my anxiety made a difference, but I think it did. Even so, I'll be sore for a couple of days, and dear one will have to wait again. But I've got plans for a special night to come.

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About Spanking said...

Nerves can make a discipline spanking hurt more... no doubt about that! Almost hurts *before* it starts.

Hope you can still can a fun Valentine's Spanking later in the month.

Suzy and Todd