Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Go Forth!

Because we are still so new at this DD thing, I tend to get worried about whether we are doing things "right," or if we are still on track. And every time the anxiety kicks it up a notch, Bo and I end up closer than ever.

This weekend, I had been feeling just blah. There really wasn't anything I could point to that would explain why I was feeling this way. I tried talking to Bo about it, but my inner witch came out quickly; things went south in a hurry. I really do wish I had the ability to self-edit, but me, not so much :( So, Bo, in his wisdom, goes to our implement drawer and brings back the flyswatter. Now, this probably doesn't sound like much of an implement to seasoned DD veterans, but this flyswatter is thick and heavy. And boy does it pack a wallop! For the first time, I was reaching around trying to cover my rear end. Bo has been so skittish about leaving marks, but this weekend, it seems he has gotten over that. At one point, he stopped spanking, and I tried to get up. He just said, "Uh uh, I'm not done yet." Shocked doesn't even begin to describe what I was thinking at the moment! So, I did end up with a few marks that were gone by today. We have moved forward in our journey, and I think we both feel more confident about DD with each step we take :)

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Measha said...

"We have moved forward in our journey" I like this! DD is totally a journey...sometimes I have to remind myself of that fact.