Thursday, November 20, 2008

relationships and discipline

So I am finding that my relationships with significant people are being very affected by my foray into adult discipline. Certain ones were part of the deal from the beginning. In fact, one of the reasons that I finally admitted that I need a good spanking as an adult is the childish and selfish behavior I had been displaying to my own wonderful husband and sweet daughter. Finding a disciplinarian who would help me become the wife and mother I knew I wanted to be was foremost in my mind at the start of this spanking journey. Thankfully, I found the perfect one! She understood the need to be absolved of past sins and to grow as a stronger person. And grow I have!

Recently, I am also finding that spanking for play and even as a turn on is beginning to become a factor in my relationship with my husband. I am grateful that my mostly vanilla husband accepts this quirk of mine. What I hope is that one day he will share it.

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