Saturday, November 22, 2008

So, I want a spanking-bad! Unfortunately, vanilla husband is sick right now. I think he is willing to try to spank me when he feels better. I've had an offer recently from a man who lives near my hometown. I'll be there next week because of Thanksgiving. I'll admit, I'm really tempted. But, I have avoided a spanking from a man other than my husband because I know he wouldn't be comfortable with that. But, that's hard for me. I do not have any desire for anyone other than my husband, but I NEED a spanking. What's a girl to do?


Robin said...

Hi Xan,
Welcome to the wonderful worlds of blogging and spanking.
I completely understand the intense need for a spanking and not getting it from your husband. I've often wondered about going to someone else, but not only would I be uncomfortable, my husband would never understand/forgive me. So I suffer...

Hermione said...

Give your husband a chance. Tell him what you need; he can't read your mind, and he probably would love to please you.