Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well, I found out what the loopy Johnny is like. I hate that thing! In fact, right now, it's hidden in a cabinet.

Last weekend, my attitude really got me in trouble. Bo decided it would be the perfect time to try our new implement. Since it was going to be a punishment spanking, I didn't want to try it. Bo was careful with it, but, boy, does that thing sting. For the first time during a spanking, I jumped off Bo's lap. I really didn't think I could handle that thing! We did finish the spanking, and Bo was not using much force at all, but I would be very happy if our new "toy" disappeared forever! Bo thinks it is the perfect implement for punishments because it is so obvious that I hate it. So, it's probably here to stay. I'll definitely think twice about buying a new implement in the future.

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