Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Happy Holidays everyone!

Recently, I posted on a message board a question about a gift for Christmas to celebrate our first year as a DD couple. There were several suggestions, many hilarious. I'm still working on Bo's gift, but he has already given me mine. No, it wasn't wrapped, and he probably doesn't know how much I cherish it. He's given me the gift of consistency.

In the earlier days of DD, we both struggled with who should do what and when. It almost seemed like we were playing a game at first. Over the last few months, that has morphed in to an understanding of what domestic discipline is for us. First of all, I asked for it because of my need for accountability and my anger issues. Those were affecting my family in a very negative way. Soon after we started DD, we both saw major benefits, not just for us as individuals, but for us as a family. Now, when Bo has that look and the paddle comes out, I know he means it. He's not likely to back down, forget or claim he's too tired. We both know that consistency is keeping our family running smoothly. Who could ask for a better gift?

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