Wednesday, January 14, 2009


An interesting thing happened tonight. My husband I and were in the kitchen both lamenting about the stress of our work week. With our little daughter still up, one obvious form of stress relief was just not possible. So, I said, pouting, that I needed some tension relief. The next thing I know, my dear husband slaps me on the rear. He said, "There, it was playful and not painful, but I think it's our first breakthrough." After getting over the shock, I hugged him and told him that was just what I needed, and I meant it. He's trying, and that's all I can ask for right now. I see many delightful evenings in our future, though-after our daughter is in bed, of course!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Xan:
Oh my your Husband has really been thinking about all of your needs hasn't he? This is very exciting and wonderful. He is moving ahead cautiously and carefully.
Wonderful News!
Take Care,
Andrades Girl