Friday, March 6, 2009

I was thinking about my last post. I guess, technically, DH and I have had a first spanking, but not a punishment one. But I might be less than 24 hours away from that first one. Tomorrow, our child has a sleepover. A whole evening for us! And, I've already made a date with DH. He knows that I want to spend more time talking about our beginning D/D relationship. But the way he has been acting the last few days, I have a feeling that talking won't be all that we do!

I will continue to see my outside disciplinarian while we get our D/D relationship going. BTW, I haven't mentioned this, but my disciplinarian is a she. That is the only way DH would let me do this. I'm so glad I did finally express to him that what I actually hoped for is a HOH-D/D relationship. ANd, having an outside disciplinarian has been a key step in that process. he has seen firsthand how much calmer and less stressed I am after a spanking. The problem is, she lives quite a way. I've only managed to be spanked 4 times in the last 5 months. And this is where Dh is really stepping in. He has already seen such a change in me, and I've seen him change too. He has become much more assertive and has willingly taken on more of a leadership role in our marriage. Thankfully, my current disciplinarian fully supports our new lifestyle. She's in a D/D relationship herself (as the spanker, of course). And she has been very helpful to both of us in helping us to get started.

I've said before how much I appreciate my husband for his willingness to accept me as I am and to come out of his comfort zone to provide what I need. What I hadn't counted on is just how quickly he would embrace D/D. Makes me wonder if he really was vanilla after all!


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