Sunday, March 15, 2009

Well, I finally get to post that we've done it. Our first spanking that is. My husband and I practiced (for lack of a better word) last night. Since it was our first time, he was not nearly as heavy-handed as I think he may be in the future. I expected the whole thing to be awkward and embarrassing for us both, but it wasn't. He did lecture, and he had truly been angry at me for a couple of things this week. Afterward, we talked about it. Amazingly, he seems entirely too comfortable with his role as a spanker already. Sometimes that old adage, "You better be careful what you wish for" can be all too true! But it was a wonderful bonding time for us. I would say that our D/D relationship is of to a great start!

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About Spanking said...

Very cool news. That first one isn't "the hardest" one though... hehe.

Suzy and Todd