Friday, December 19, 2008


Waiting for a spanking is harder than it seems. Sometimes, when I know I will be getting spanked in a short time, conflicting emotions threaten to burst forth at any moment. Of course, there is the part of anticipation that I enjoy-knowing I am going to be spanked and feel guilt free, at least for a while. But the subtle fear is there as well. Oh, I know my disciplinarian would never cause severe physical harm, but because I am putting myself in her hands (literally), I guess my nervousness centers around loss of control. And yet, that is exactly what I seek. As someone who is used to being in control, I love being able to have someone to take a little of the burden from me.

Now, I'm also really looking forward to the first , more erotic spanking that I will share with my husband. We've had a few discussions, and he seems to be coming around. I certainly hope so. Spanking has so many facets, and I would love to be able experience spanking in several capacities. I can say with absolute certainty, that while dear husband has not yet warmed my bottom, the discipline I've received has already helped our marriage. And he would be the first to agree!


About Spanking said...

The idea of a discipline spanking sounds good... well, until it's time for it to happen, lol.

Good luck with the erotic spanking. That sounds like lots of fun.

Todd & Suzy

Brambleberry Blush said...


I know those butterflies well. As it gets closer, you can't concentrate on anything else. I am hopeful that your husband will come around to the joys of a well spanked wife soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Xan:
I've showed my husband some of the blogs I enjoy, especially the ones that are based on a committed relationship. I've shown him posts from Carly's Blog (Brambleberry Blush, and PK's Blog New Beginnings). Somehow reading them together and learning how other couples cope has brought us a bit closer together in this journey. I've also showed him Spanky's blog, I married a spanko so he could get a mans perspective and his blog is light hearted and fun to read.
This journey is very new for me and especially for my husband. This blogging community has been extremely helpful for both of us.
Take Care,
Andrades Girl