Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Brand Spanking New Year

Well, at least I'm hoping for a spanking New year. I know that my husband is catching on to the idea. We've had a few hopeful discussions lately. However, realistically, we do have a major obstacle-our sweet daughter. Lately, it seems we have precious little time just to talk much less to do anything else! I know that other couples face this issue as well. What I don't know is what seems to work best. I wonder what other creative couples have done to handle this issue?

I am really looking forward to our 9th anniversary in February. I don't know where we will go, but I've been promised some uninterrupted, and hopefully not quiet, time for our anniversary. If we don't have the chance to get to spank before then, I have high hopes that we will have some play time then!

Oh, I do have a disciplinary spanking coming up-probably next week. Now that one, I'm NOT looking forward to. Punishment spanking just plain hurt, usually for days afterward, too.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Xan:
I am glad that you and your husband are having some good discussions, that is what is most important, communicating together. My husband and I are just learning to do this after almost 17 years of marriage. And for us reading these wonderful blogs together has been very helpful. Our children are grown now but we do have grandchildren near by who like to sleep over. There is no privacy for us when the grand kids sleep over. I hope you get some nice alone time for your anniversary. I am hoping that all your dreams come true for the New Year and may it be a healthy peaceful prosperous New Year for you and your family
Take care,
Andrades Girl