Monday, December 8, 2008

Well, I've just heard from my disciplinarian again, and she isn't too pleased. For one thing, I was late with a promised email. And I've hit a wall with several other things as well. Looks like it time for session number two as soon as the holidays are over. While just thinking about it makes me nervous, I'm also really glad that someone is holding me accountable for my transgressions, big and small. One day, I hope it will be my husband. I am certainly not going to give up on a D/d relationship. In so many ways, I know my husband would be great as the leader of our household. I've seen a lot of changes in him this past year that seem to be leading him in that direction too. But, for now, I'm glad I have someone to provide discipline when the need arises. Well, I'm glad now, anyway. In the days and hours leading up to my next session, the trepidation will outweigh the guilt for a while, but the end result will be a clean slate, a new start. And each time, I am getting closer to being the person I really want to be.

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