Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Longings

The holidays are great for the most part. It is usually my favorite part of the year. Playing Santa for my daughter is so much fun! Her wish list grows longer each year.

Adults have wish lists as well, and nothing on my list would be in Santa's bag :) But this time of year is also very busy. There isn't much time for adults to play. So, I'm still holding on to my wish list. It will have to taken care of after the holidays. Oh, and my husband has his own wish list that I'm sure I can help with too.

My next spanking is getting closer. I just wonder if it will be a discipline spanking or something more "fun?"


Anonymous said...

Hi Xan:
It's really nice to meet you. I found your blog thru Bonnie's Blog today. Don't you just love Bonnie? I am very new to this blogging & spanko world. I am so greatful to have found it. I just recently (this month after 16 yrs of marriage)started to talk to my husband about my needs for spanking, and we are working our way closer and closer both emotionally and towards a spanking. I recently showed him my blog that I just started this month. And we are enjoying sharing the posts and reading other blogs. I am definately going to him your blog. I love all the spanking blogs out there, but I am particularly interested in hearing about how other married couples cope with all the spanking issues. When I get a chance today, I will go back and read your previous posts.
Take Care
Andrades Girl

Brambleberry Blush said...


Wanted to stop by and say Happy New Year to you. May the new year bring everything you've been hoping for.